Generally after being involved in a car accident, people are more focused on their physical injuries. After undergoing a medical examination to determine the extent of bodily injuries involved, it is imperative to pursue the course of treatment prescribed for healing your body. The next step generally entails filing a legal claim against the negligent party for the damages that they have caused using your medical records and bills as evidence to prove the damages that you have sustained. This seems to be a general description of a car accident and the ensuing personal injury claim. However, many accident victims neglect to consider the effects of the accident on their emotional wellbeing and mental health. The emotional and mental trauma resulting from a wreck or a collision or the struggle faced by victims in dealing with their physical injuries is not widely recognized and is seldom mentioned in the context of car accident damages unless an Anaheim Personal Injury Attorney is at the helm of the case.

A person’s life can be turned upside down if they have been injured in an accident. They are subject to mental anguish and distress. Some of the symptoms of emotional and mental anguish experienced by a car accident victim are:

  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Fits of Anger
  • Feelings of Fear
  • Feelings of Humiliation
  • Crying
  • Sleep issues and nightmares
  • Losing appetite
  • Loss of interest in daily activities

These symptoms have the potential to severely interrupt an individual’s life causing difficulty in working, attending school, or even getting out of bed in the morning. Some people may develop paranoia about getting into another accident if they drive, which prevents them from attending any appointments for treatment or other obligations that they might have. The emotional pain and anguish may be relatively short-lived for most people, however such feelings and interruptions can persist for some people especially if they are reminded of the incident by their injuries or any other factors. The trauma associated with a car accident can cause severe debilitation and extremely interrupt that person’s life. The most common condition that victims of car accidents suffer from is PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). This condition is generally associated with veterans of combat situations, however it can develop as a consequence of any traumatizing event that a person undergoes in their lifetime.

Some of the common symptoms associated with PTSD in a car accident victim are:

  • Involuntary recurring memories of the accident
  • Flashbacks and blackouts
  • Nightmares
  • Avoiding anything that reminds someone of their accident
  • Intense emotional and physical distress
  • Depression and isolation
  • Self-harm

Prolonged therapy is often required in order to cope with PTSD in an accident victim. Medications and other aids are also necessary to help them return to daily life. Treatment for such mental conditions brought about due to a car accident can be and typically are even more expensive than the treatment costs for physical injuries. If you or someone you love has been the victim of a motor vehicle accident in Georgia, you deserve to fully recover for any physical, emotional, and mental injuries that you suffered. Contact The Angell Law Firm today in order to receive the most favorable outcome possible in your case.