Whether you’re interested in purchasing or selling a home, an experienced real estate agent can help the process run much more smoothly. A real estate agent represents your interests in a real estate transaction, and their work will save you time, energy, and stress. Here’s a look at some of the top reasons for hiring a real estate agent.


Real estate agents are legally required to work with their buyer or seller’s best interests in mind. This is called their “fiduciary responsibility.” An agent will be your best advocate as you negotiate with other potential buyers or sellers. They can explain current market conditions and prepare you for every possible move in a competitive real estate market.


An experienced real estate agent is familiar with the process of buying and selling homes. They understand the language and nuances, and are on the lookout for potential problems and red flags. An agent can help you with the forms, reports, and disclosures. They can also provide information about a neighborhood’s zoning, schools, traffic, utilities, and amenities – all of which will help you to make a decision about your home.


When it comes to knowledge about the housing market and availability, real estate agents have early insight. An agent will likely know about listings even before their officially “on the market” or listed online. They may also be able to secure early access to a house that you’re interested in. With the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), agents can easily and quickly search for homes that may appeal to you.


Real estate agents are trained negotiators, and it’s their goal to get you the best deal possible. They employ their knowledge about the market and neighborhood in their expert strategy. In addition to the price of the house, an agent can also negotiate items such as house repairs, home warranty premiums, and closing costs. In a competitive market, it’s a good idea to have a shrewd and experienced advocate on your side.


When you are buying or selling a home, there are many different professionals involved. A real estate agent can connect you with those professionals who they feel are reliable and trustworthy. Agents regularly work with: real estate attorneys, appraisers, stagers, inspectors, mortgage lenders, insurance agents, and title specialists. You can spend time researching and hiring these professionals yourself or you can save time and stress by utilizing the agent’s recommendations.


Many people do not have the luxury of focusing solely on buying or selling a home. They’re likely working a full-time job and/or taking care of a family – in addition to dealing with the real estate market. A real estate agent can free up your time by managing the buying or selling process. It’s their job to handle the advertising, showings, and negotiations, as well as coordinate inspections, repairs, and other important appointments. An experienced agent will be well acquainted with the local housing market and know how to get you through the buying or selling process as efficiently as possible.

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Do you have to hire a real estate agent? No, it’s not a requirement. But, if you work with an experienced real estate agent, your home-buying or home-selling experience will be much more successful and much less stressful. It’s important to hire an agent who knows the area and the market. You want to be confident that they’ll be your best advocate.

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