It is very important to ask some questions from the person to whom you are going to select as your tax preparer. It is asked most of the time that who is a perfect tax preparer, but the fact is that only you who can find the perfect tax preparer for your taxes. Following are some important tips and tricks which will prove helpful in finding a perfect tax preparer. You must ask your preparer a lot of questions. Answers to these important questions will reveal that what type of person he/she is.

Following are these important questions.

  1. Ask your tax preparer whether he/she possess PTIN (preparer tax identification number)

This is the most important and very first question. You must ask your preparer about his/her preparer tax identification number. Without this number, he/she is not allowed to prepare your return. That’s why this is the very first thing to be asked by you from your tax preparer.

  1. Ask about the background of your tax preparer.

A lot of letters and certificates are not the things on which you should rely and trust about his credibility and expertise. If someone shows you some letters, then you must ask about their relevance to the field of tax. Here is a guide for you to sort it out in advance.

A certified financial planner is a designation for the financial planners offered by the certified financial planner board of standards. In order to acquire this designation, certain exams and experience are required. Similarly, certified public accounts is certified by the state to act as a public accountant. In order to certify in this field, candidates are required to qualify this exam. Not only these, but some other degrees and certificates are also required to know about the credibility of the tax preparer. Moreover, those who have not formal credential they may be competent enough to prepare your return, therefore you must overlook them. Ask about their competency and expertise.

  1. Ask about his/her previous record.

There are as many variations of taxes as there are schedules and forms. There is a wide scope of this field. Therefore, nobody can do it all and you should not trust anyone who tells you otherwise. Therefore, you must inquire about their fields and expertise thoroughly and know about their background.

  1. Who will sign my return?

You must remember that your preparer must have a PTIN. The PTIN and the preparer’s signature must appear on your tax return. Don’t trust a preparer who does not agree to sign a return. Last but not least, be wary of any tax preparer or service who would not tell you in advance who will actually be preparing the return.

  1. When will I receive a copy of my return?

It’s not irrational to leave your preparer’s office without a copy of your finished return. However, you should obtain a complete copy of your return within a reasonable amount of time following your appointment. If your tax preparer can’t offer a window of time to expect the copy, it might be indicative of a time management problem.

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