Planning An Estate With A Special Needs Child In Mind

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Why Everyone Needs an Estate Plan

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Why You Must Modify An Estate Plan Post-Divorce

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How to Choose A Reliable Power of Attorney

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Should I Include Funeral Planning as Part of My Estate Plan?

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How Do I Choose A Guardian for My Children?

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How to Make Your Personal Representative’s Job Easier

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What If The Beneficiaries Of A Will Cannot Or Should Not Benefit From It?

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What Is The Difference Between Power Of Attorney And An Executor?

With the baby boomer generation living longer, adult children are taking on more responsibility, including being asked to administer estates. However, for many adult children, this can seem overwhelming as… Read More

Common Reasons for Georgia Probate Litigation

Sadly, the death of a loved one doesn’t always means that family members and beneficiaries will get along. Often, the opposite situation occurs – after the death of a parent,… Read More

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