As the norms change socially and the cultural pressure diminishes, many couples decide on remaining unmarried even if the plan on living together for a long period of their lives, sometimes forever. Estate planning is one of the most important for such couples who plan on having a live in relationship without actually getting married for the rest of their lives or as long as the relationship would last. After all, nothing lasts forever. However, if the circumstances are in their favor, negligence may lead to a lot of difficulties. Their life partner will not inherit anything from their state in case of the death of their partner, or end of life care.

Division of Assets

Moreover, the state of Florida will be the one to decide where the assets would be going, and you can be sure since the beginning that no matter what happens, those assets will not be ending up with the unmarried couple. For good or worse, all these laws were made during the older times, running since centuries and strongly favor individuals who are married legally or are blood relatives.

If the decedent is not married in the state of Florida, their assets will automatically be transferred to their blood relative closest to them. While you strongly believe that your assets should be gone to your unmarried couple, your family does not share the same sentiments and views at all.

The same applies for medical care. If you are unfit and injured to make legal decisions for medical purposes, you will be cut off from the process, and blood relatives would take over. So hire a public adjuster and plan ahead, in order to be specific and to avoid such situations.

Making a Will

Fortunately, planning ahead can prevent any such circumstances. If you have assets and you wish that they go to your other half, then make sure you draft a will, so the state ends up where you desire it to. Writing a will is very important if you have a child as well. In the event that is untimely such as death, you will be the one to decide who the next guardian in line should be. In such a situation where both the parents die, it will be your collective decision to pick a different guardian. A Miami public adjuster comes in hand in such a situation. For, every individual was not born with all the required knowledge and a public adjuster would help in all the procedures step by step.

They would tell you about all the actions that need to be taken necessarily. For instance if you are not the legal parent of your child, you need to make sure that your partner is your child’s guardian in the will. You may also leave a legal trust for your partner which will avoid a probate. Talk to your experienced and knowledgeable public adjuster to know whether a will or trust is the right option for you.